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Household cats: where did our house pets come from?

A man many years ago tamed a wild cat and for good reason, because communication with her turned out to be not only useful for both, but also pleasant. Many people cannot imagine their life without a charming, graceful and affectionate creature like a domestic cat.

From the to warm shelter

Previously, cats lived only in the wild, but once, having become human companions, they became helpers and companions – and this is how domestic cats appeared. These creatures are independent and clean, do not require careful maintenance, and it is a pleasure to communicate with them.

Initially, such a pet was valued for its ability to catch various rodents, therefore, cats were bred in Ancient Egypt and Rome as useful household helpers. In our time, the mustachioed purr is an immeasurable source of joy, which is simply admired and enjoyed by its co-presence

How did you manage to domesticate such an independent creature? Most opinions agree that it was the Egyptians who tamed the wild cats that lived near their homes.

The ancient civilization treated these four-legged with special trepidation – the cat was sacred to them. A bad attitude towards the mustachioed was severely punished.

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