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Interesting facts about cats

Cats are amazing animals! We have selected interesting facts about cats for you so that you get to know your pussies even better.

Cat’s lifespan

On average, cats live 14 years. Thanks to quality food and good care, including medical care, the life expectancy of cats is increased. According to official data, the record among feline centenarians is 34 years. According to unofficial data, the cat lived in Scotland for 43 years. My friends – this is a record !!!


Everyone knows that cats sleep a lot. Usually, a cat sleeps 16 hours a day, in old age, the total duration of sleep increases to 18 hours.
To the question “Why do they sleep so much?” scientists answer that cats sleep a lot in order to conserve energy. After all, hunting (and cats are predators and it is in them) requires a lot of strength and concentration.

History of cats

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